Opportunities in electrification

Policies, technologies, business models and opportunities for new revenues
Salvador Baille, Intelis (Partner in NCE Smart Energy Markets)

The course aims to clarify the political goals of electrification in Europe and Norway. At the same time, participants will gain insight into the opportunities and limitations of the technologies and business models that will make electrification possible.

The course is intended as a platform for discussion among participants, and as a basis for concrete measures and strategy development across departments and roles. The target group is managers and key resources, but the course can be converted to a more inclusive format for all employees if desired.


  • The most important macro trends affecting electrification in Norway and Europe right now and in the near future.
  • Different scenarios for electrification 2023-2030
    • Assumptions and consequences
    • Winners and losers in an electric future
    • Business models for winners
    • Workshop: Scenario building - Electric Norway 2030

Salvador BaillePhysical course over 6 hours, with practical assignments

Price per organization kr. 75.000,- (unlimited number of participants)
All prices include VAT.



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