What do we get as cluster members?

Our cluster partners receive a number of benefits. This is the package offered to our members:
  • Official status as a partner in a world-leading cluster
  • Stimulate the company's business development and R&I profile with access to a special advisor within the EU program Horizon Europe.
  • Active influence of NCE Smart Energy Markets' priorities and measures.
  • Participate in joint competence development, as well as participation in Big Data Analytics courses as a partner company.
  • Participate in the design of the NCE Smart Energy Market's strategic work.
  • Participation in network groups and innovation projects towards our Smart Society initiatives (over 65 projects as of today) by agreement.
  • Profiling through the NCE Smart network, websites, publications of the cluster, etc.
  • Full access to joint activities in the NCE Smart network, including workshops, cluster meetings, participation in the NCE Smart Energy Markets' Partner Conference.
  • Priority partner for new R&D/I project applications, as well as the opportunity to participate and share experiences/expertise in already ongoing projects.

Stian, Celine and Anja

Together we lift as a group - therefore we also have certain expectations of our cluster members:

  • Contribute to a sharing culture in the cluster with your expertise and experiences.
  • Active participation in at least one of the innovation groups in the NCE Smart Energy Markets cluster.
  • Participation in partner meetings and conferences.
  • Desire to contribute to value creation in your own company or organisation, but also through innovation collaboration.
  • Contribute to the reporting of personal effort hours.

Would you like to know more about how you can become a partner in the cluster?

Contact cluster leader Inge Michael Bilet on mobile +47 474 61 228 or e-mail

Inge Michael Bilet