The Director of the Research Council was impressed by the Halden environment

- An incredibly educational day that has given me an exciting and inspiring insight into the activities at Smart Innovation Norway and the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)!

This is how Mari Sundli Tveit, Director of the Research Council of Norway, summarized her visit to Halden at the end of January.

Through presentations by the two research institutions, Sundli Tveit and Kristin Danielsen, Acting Director of the Research System and Internationalization, got a good overview of the work being done and the goals that have been set.

- We work with this on a daily basis, and it is incredibly important to hear directly from the professional communities and understand the challenges from their perspective," says the Director.

- Enabling innovation

The day in Halden offered good discussions and important input, and Sundli Tveit is clear that the visit will have an impact on the further work of the Research Council.

Mari Sundli Tveit, Director of the Research Council of Norway. PHOTO: Thomas Keilma
Mari Sundli Tveit, Director of the Research Council of Norway. PHOTO: Thomas Keilma

 - We exist to enable innovation in institutions like Smart Innovation Norway and IFE, and days like this are important for that part of our job.

The Director was impressed by how the institutions are linking disciplines and making things happen.

- You understand and interact in all the intersections, whether it is artificial intelligence, robotics, nuclear operations, simulation or other areas you work with. The transferability is great, and you get new technology into actual application," she boasts.

Highly confident in the work

With increased insight into the national and international importance of the research work in Halden, Sundli Tveit looks forward to helping to facilitate increased momentum and progress.

- I look forward to following you in the future and I have great faith in the work you are doing," she says.

Integrated value chain

Smart Innovation Norway's Director of Research, Dieter Hirdes, is pleased to have achieved the goal of highlighting how they link research with business in industrial clusters in a holistic value chain from applied research to private and public value creation.

- IFE has been internationally known since its inception in 1958, but there is a lot going on at IFE, especially in digital systems and related labs. It is not as well known that Smart Innovation Norway is at the very top in Norway in EU research with a focus on applied research and value creation in society and business. We are very pleased that the management of the Research Council managed to prioritize a whole day to inform themselves about the research environments in Halden, he says.