How to harness artificial intelligence in the packaging industry?

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important driver of productivity and efficiency in organisations around the world. It can help businesses automate routine tasks, predict future trends and help make better decisions.

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The MOMAI project aims to help packaging companies adopt data analytics and artificial intelligence. PHOTO: Illustration photo

Smart Innovation Norway, together with the Circular Packaging Cluster, has launched the MOMAI project to help companies in the packaging value chain adopt data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Through the project, companies can gain general skills and understanding of the possibilities for using AI, identify challenges and opportunities in their businesses. They can also be introduced to technology companies that develop solutions for each company's needs.

AI and data: The key to industry's challenges?

The European Commission has presented a comprehensive proposal for a new Packaging Regulation with requirements and provisions on waste, reuse and recycling. The regulation aims to reduce packaging waste, increase the quality and use of recycled raw materials in packaging, and set requirements for increased use of reuse solutions.

But how can this be done while satisfying product quality needs and customer requirements for functionality? Some of the solutions are likely to lie in data analytics and automated intelligent systems.

Data management is the first step towards circular development

Artificial intelligence can, among other things, make material use more efficient by ensuring that good decisions are made for a more circular flow of resources, help customise packaging and optimise logistics and distribution.

But building such systems depends on having access to good quality data.

Looking for forward-looking businesses

The Circular Pacaging Cluster and Smart Innovation Norway believe that companies in the packaging industry can gain significant business benefits from adopting data analytics and artificial intelligence. We are now looking for forward-looking companies that want to identify their potential to become more data-driven.

For more information and to fill in the contact form, visit the project website!

MOMAI (Mobilisation and Maturation for AI) is partly funded by Viken County Council.