Join the EU network for business development in digitization and the circular economy!

Smart Innovation Norway has taken the leading role in establishing an EU network for business development within digitization and the circular economy. The project is co-financed by the Research Council and Innovation Norway.

While there are regional plans for development, the European Parliament is also keen to tackle some major challenges to bring about more growth, development and a better quality of life for European citizens. The European Commission has set out six main policy priorities for the year 2019-2024:

  • A European green shift
  • An economy that works for citizens
  • A Europe equipped for the digital age
  • Preserving the European way of life
  • A stronger Europe in the world
  • A strengthened European democracy

In light of the priorities above, there are three main goals that Smart Innovation Norway will achieve through this initiative:

Objective 1: Establish a regional network of businesses, research and academic organisations, communities and community groups, and public authorities with an international ambition.

Objective 2: Ensure that this regional network is a leader in motivation, awareness, guidance, knowledge and implementation of change strategies to compete in the European arena.

Objective 3: Identify regional assets. Make the EU network and the Viken region visible and known for areas of expertise internationally, among European counterparts. Ongoing assessment of whether smart specialisation will be appropriate in the long term.


Based on the network's expertise and the center of gravity in the region, we have chosen to focus in particular on the following five main areas in the EU's taxonomy: Information and communication technology, Real estate, Construction, Transport and storage, Industry, Water supply, Wastewater and waste disposal.

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