Sustainable business development in the transport sector

- open invitation to a workshop with company visits.

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Viken County has strong clusters that have focused specifically on technology and expertise, which are crucial to the success of decarbonising commercial transport. Through dialogue, exchange of experience and cooperation, we can exploit the potential and expertise that exists in the industry clusters. This gathering is part of the pilot project "Sustainable business development in the transport sector" and is funded by Viken County Council. The pilot project runs until June 2023, and will offer a total of 3 gatherings/workshops, including a study trip to competence environments in Gothenburg.

Relevant participants in the sessions can be technology providers, operators/end-users and others, who are either part of the transport value chain or are suppliers to actors in the value chain.

The clusters SAMS Norway, Smart Energy Markets, Kongsbergklyngen and Cluster for Applied AI are jointly behind this project and invite you to a joint workshop with exciting company visits on 8 December 2022.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together relevant stakeholders to share expertise and experiences from across the value chain. It is very likely that contacts will be made for immediate cooperation and future innovations, not to mention learning from ongoing mobility projects.

You can participate both digitally and physically, but we encourage physical participation to get the most out of the company visit. Register in the form below and choose whether you want to participate physically or digitally.

Location: USN - Bakkenteigen, Horten and ASKO Maritime, Port of Horten (see map)