NCE Smart Energy Markets participates in Kraftløftet: - Opportunity to influence

Cluster leader in NCE Smart Energy Markets, Inge Bilet, is looking forward to contributing to Kraftløftet together with the cluster's members. Photo: Anja Lillerud

The industry cluster NCE Smart Energy Markets has been invited to participate in a working group under Kraftløftet, which will help to solve the challenges related to the power situation in Norway. This collaboration will be of great benefit to the member companies in the cluster.

Together, LO, NHO and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy have launched Kraftløftet - a forward-looking tripartite collaboration to ensure increased access to power more quickly.

In Norway, we have a long tradition of using tripartite cooperation to get through demanding issues. The power situation is one such demanding issue.

- One of Norway's main competitive advantages is that we have a well-functioning tripartite collaboration. History has clearly shown us that we find good solutions by using tripartite cooperation, and now we are also using it to once again achieve another of our competitive advantages: Abundant access to clean and affordable power. More renewable power, more grid and more energy-efficient use of our power is the solution," said Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Aasland in connection with the launch of the Power Promise before the summer.

The urgency

The working committee of Kraftløftet, which consists of representatives from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE), the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) and the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), aims to collaborate on measures, mobilization and new initiatives to ensure sufficient access to renewable energy at competitive prices for businesses and consumers in Norway by 2030.

The background to the collaboration is the prospect that Norway could face a deficit in the national power balance as early as 3-4 years from now, if measures are not taken to increase access to renewable power and the grid in the country, and to use power more efficiently. The mandate for the collaboration is now clear, and the working committee has been established. The main purpose of Kraftløftet is to ensure rapid implementation of measures, mobilization of projects and good operational follow-up of demanding issues.

Enablers and problem solvers

As part of the work, LO and NHO will prepare a strategy that shows year by year how business and industry can be mobilized and enabled to rapidly develop more renewable power and grids. The strategy will also recommend measures to realize energy efficiency in households, commercial buildings, industry and the rest of the economy.

This is where the industry cluster NCE Smart Energy Markets has been invited to contribute. Because: The cluster members represent the enablers and problem solvers in the Power Promise.

- "We look forward to participating in the working group and helping to find solutions that ensure sufficient power supply for businesses and consumers in Norway. Through this collaboration, the cluster's member companies will have an opportunity to influence the development of the energy area and realize the potential for energy efficiency in the country," comments Inge Michael Bilet, cluster leader for NCE Smart Energy Markets.