New video application service

The Halden-based company Vipo Nordic AS has developed a new service that will streamline employment processes in business and the public sector. The solution was launched for the open market, and several companies have already shown interest and adopted the solution.

It is an expectant general manager Carl-Emil Molin of the company Vipo Nordic AS, who presents the Vipo solution for the commercial market. The service has been in development for almost two years and is now ready for a large-scale market launch;

- We have developed a modern and efficient platform for jobseekers and employers, which through the use of structured and segmented video simplifies job application and employment processes in working life, says Molin.

Briefly, Vipo is a service that makes it possible for employers to receive video applications for positions they advertise. By recording in short and structured segments, the video application is prepared in such a way that it is easy for employers to get a quick impression of the job seeker's motivation, qualifications and personal suitability.

- Vipo's unique structure provides a basis for both reducing costs in case of wrong hiring, as well as reducing the time/resources spent on each application by already having a better basis for assessing the job applicant's suitability in the first round of selection and thus making a more accurate appointment, Molin emphasizes.

The research institution Smart Innovation Norway AS is one of the first customers to use Vipo in their employment processes.

- We have followed Vipo Nordic with great interest, and are now using their service for our upcoming recruitment processes. There is no doubt that the solution gives us a better picture of the applicants in question more quickly, and in that way gives us greater security to make the right appointment, says Kjell Reidar Mydske, CEO of Smart Innovation Norway.

While Vipo gives employers a more efficient recruitment process, the solution also has its advantages for job seekers, according to Molin;

- The job seeker will benefit from a tool that lowers the threshold for applying for jobs and presenting themselves in a better way than through an ordinary written application, which could lead to more potential applicants for a vacant position.

Managing director Carl Emil Molin sees great potential for Vipo;

- The recruitment market is large in Norway, but we also have international ambitions. Large parts of the world are now in a phase where society is opening up after Covid-19, which is putting massive pressure on the recruitment market. The number of job advertisements is increasing sharply, and we will take a share of this market, concludes Molin.


  • Vipo Nordic provides a video service that simplifies job application and employment processes.
  • The company is a Halden-based startup with a starting point in the incubator environment at Smart Innovation Norway.
  • Products and services are developed internally.
  • Employees: 5