Clusters as a conversion engine

NCE Smart Energy Markets was also one of three specially selected clusters in Innovation Norway's large pilot project "Clusters as transformation engines" (2015-2016), with the aim of taking action on the digital transformation of Norwegian business.

Through the programme, knowledge and technology from the best clusters and environments were shared with other clusters and sectors in Norway. In November 2017, it became clear that the NCE Smart cluster, together with the group DIGITALNORWAY – Toppindustrisenteret, NCE iKuben and NCE Systems Engineering Kongsberg, won the award of NOK 14 million from Innovation Norway and new status as a national transformation engine .

The aim is to contribute to the restructuring of small and medium-sized Norwegian companies. The transformation engine is a new venture in the cluster program which will give companies all over the country access to up-to-date expertise, methods and tools in areas such as innovation ability, sustainability and enabling technologies important for Norwegian business in the coming years.