MOMAI: Mobilisation and Maturation for AI

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The MOMAI project aims to mobilize companies in the packaging industry to adopt artificial intelligence. We are looking for companies that want to take their first steps towards AI, whether this is to gain knowledge about the field or to start projects to implement the technology in their business.

MOMAI is a cluster project in collaboration between Smart Innovation Norway, Cluster for Applied AI, NCE Smart Energy Markets and Circular Pacaging Cluster. The project is partly funded by Viken County Council.

Who can participate?

Primarily small and medium-sized enterprises related to the packaging industry and the packaging value chain. Larger companies on both the user and supplier side can also participate. We are looking for companies that want to learn more about artificial intelligence and how they can use the technology to increase productivity, profitability and become more circular.   

What does your business need to contribute?

Participation in MOMAI is free of charge. The only thing your company has to contribute is your own effort. The basic course takes a maximum of 4 hours and the advanced course a maximum of 7.5 hours. If your company moves on to "linking with a problem solver", your contribution depends on what you want to develop together with the problem solver.

What does your business get out of participating?

Participating companies will gain a basic understanding of how artificial intelligence can be used to create profitability or sustainability in their business. Through the course, we will become more familiar with data management and data analysis, which is highly relevant in all digitalization. The companies that move on to the advanced course will be familiarized with several tools that map concrete areas of application for artificial intelligence. Several companies will have the opportunity to initiate development projects with AI experts.

How can your company participate in MOMAI?

Your company can participate in MOMAI according to your needs and maturity to start an AI project. We have therefore divided the project process into three steps. In the initial dialogue with us, we assess which steps your company should take part in:

  1. Basic course

We provide an introduction to artificial intelligence and look at how businesses can benefit from it while addressing the challenges. This step is suitable for businesses that have little knowledge of AI. The basic course consists of a digital pre-course and a webinar. The digital pre-course takes about 1 hour and the webinar will be held on May 9, 0800-1100.

  1. Advanced courses

We identify the business's challenges and see if they can be solved with data analytics or artificial intelligence. This step is suitable for businesses that are familiar with AI. In this step, we also look at the company's access to data, which is crucial for developing artificial intelligence. The advanced course consists of a training day on June 1. In addition to this, a digital guidance meeting will be held with each company after the course day.

  1. Link to problem solver

The companies with potential to develop AI projects will have the opportunity to be connected with problem solvers. The Cluster for Applied AI has relevant networks and knowledge that will be of great benefit in this phase. We are, among other things, involved in Nemonoor and Katapult, which help the establishment of just such projects. Smart Innovation Norway also has experience with public funding agencies that can co-finance the projects.


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No matter how ready your business is to start an AI project, you can participate in MOMAI. MOMAI starts in spring 2023. Fill in the contact form below and discover how artificial intelligence can help you improve your business.


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