About NCE Smart Energy Markets

Sustainable development of society and business

The cluster partners have unique expertise and knowledge in smart energy and digital technologies, and the aim is to be a world leader in these areas. Energy is central to all the cluster's projects, which has given solid experience in research and development both nationally and internationally.

The awarding of the prestigious EU Horizon 2020 projects PERMIDES, EMPOWER, INVADE and E-LAND are important examples of the position the cluster has built up internationally



The industry cluster's advice to politicians: - Increase investment in renewable energy exports!

The climate crisis and the world's need to take it seriously represents a huge business opportunity in an area where Norway has considerable expertise, namely climate-friendly energy technologies.

"We have to build less and renovate more - more energy-efficiently. We have to use existing buildings more efficiently - to do that we need smarter - existing - buildings!"

Harald A. Nitavskis, Head of Department Digital Property Management, NMBU

Our partners

NCE Smart Energy Markets has over 70 members. The cluster includes business partners, municipalities and academia with expertise in performance culture, smart cities and communities, smart energy and digital transformation.

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